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Diamondback Toolbelts

Diamondback TENGO BAG

Diamondback TENGO BAG

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Great For: Carpenters, Electricians, Framers, Remodelers

The Tengo is the flagship bag of our Go Bag line. As with all of our products, The Tengo integrates with our Go Panel system and our clip accessories, so that you can customize your bag any way you see fit. Fill it with DBSax to hold all of your fasteners, fittings and wire nuts. The interior and exterior of the bag is lined with pockets that double as attachment points for a wide range of DB accessories like utility sheaths, tape pockets or 722 pouches.

The bottom of the bag is lined with Superfabric for unparalleled abrasion resistance while keeping your bag lightweight. The base molds to its environment while still standing upright on all flat surfaces. The inside is bright yellow, which allows you to spot any loose items that fall to the bottom of the bag. The unique winged design of the carry handle keeps out the rain and dust as well as prying eyes for your valuable tools.

Add any of our soft Go Sleeves and Go Panels to create vertical storage files for all of your hand tools, bits, blades, or batteries. See how we built out our Drill Carry System and our Hand Tool Carry System.

Use any of our clip-on accessories or saxes to create additional outside storage.

If your bag does get a little heavy, you can add a shoulder strap for more leverage.

Pockets on Sides and Front
10 outside slot for additional clip-on storage
No Scratch Diamondskin Base
Bright Yellow Interior
Foldable Wings
4 Internal Diamondskin Attachment Points



Length: 12
Width: 16
Height: 12
Weight: 3

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